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Navy patterned tie sold pending payment
Here yo go. I took 2 pictures from the outside of the sleeve and one from the inside. As you can see, everything to make working buttonholes has been done, only the fabric hasnt been cut yet. Which imho is the best way to finish a sleeve when selling. If the length is right, all your tailor has to do is cut the fabric. If the length has to be adjusted, your tailor can simply do that. If they were already cut and working, you couldn't lengthen the sleeve....
Another pricedrop on this beautiful sportscoat. I bought it for myself for more than that, however i misred the tag as 38r. Didnt try it on then, because zegna 38r normally is spot on. such a shame. I guess i was blown away by the fabric For me, it's way too long, and it would be a shame to shorten the body, it never looks good. I'll like to pass it on to a good loving home.
Pricedrops on all remaining ties. At this price, how can you justify not buying this beautiful gold brioni tie?
I reckon this can be fixed. There's some good tailors out there who can reweave the fabric on that spot. They sort of reweave the fabric fibre by fibre. It's a though job tough. It helps if there's a small spare piece of fabric. For the record: I'm in no way related to whosurdadi. Just came across this topic and wanted to tell it can be done. It'll be and stay a weak spot, but it can be done.
If anyone needs more info, or wants a picture of something particular, let me know and I'll provide it
Quote: Originally Posted by windrunner PM sent !! I still haven't got a pm from you, can you please check again.
It's an awesome piece. Someone should snap this up!
Quote: Originally Posted by Sebastian_Flyte it DOES look amazing -- how many vents? Cant believe i forgot to mention that. It's dual vented Come on guys, you know you want it!
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