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Brioni tie now sold! Only 2 ties left now.
Brioni tie now sold pending payment, and 1st post cleaned up. Two 7fold Borrellis left!
Quote: Originally Posted by GucciKid The problem I guess is that I'm in love with these two pieces, and even after these experiences I was still mulling over buying a Cucinelli Shephard Check sportcoat off here. I have that particular jacket, and it's the best piece I have. Personally, I have never experienced these problems with BC. I have a number of pants and shirts from BC, and the jacket. None of these items have ever disappointed...
Quote: Originally Posted by Oger is the dutch store, correct? I always like their stuff, I got a suit from their Haarlem store for a couple hundred euro that is my favorite. That's right. They're very famous around here and carry all the top-end brands like borrelli, brioni, ermenegildo zegna, brunello cucinelli, caruso, tom ford and so on..
Another drop on this extraordinary piece. It's a stunner.
Received payment on 2 Borrelli ties, only 3 ties left now!
Solid blue borrelli 7fold now sold pending payment.
Quote: Originally Posted by CHITON Therefore all of the clothing is geared towards tall people Over here, borrelli ties are available in 2 lengths. Normal(about 61 inch) and longer(about 66 inch). Some of the ties in my topic are indeed the longer ones. Quote: Originally Posted by clausc Yeah, funny... Sending PM on Borrelli 7-fold NWT, solid blue tie Received and replied to
Well yes they're longer than usual. Indeed for guys who are a bit longer, or when they use bigger knots. However ties can be made shorter.
Thanks! All ties are 7fold, except the brioni. I think you refer to the solid colored one. The color is actually somewhat in between the 2 pictures. It's blue, and not navy. I keep mixing those terms up, excuse me for that. The pictures best represent the color. English is only my second language It's still available if you're interested?
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