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Wow, awesome stuff. I wish any of this was in my size. Can't believe no-one has snapped anything of these beautiful pieces up. This has to be the topic with the most high-end and handmade pieces together! At those prices, basically everything is a steal.
I don't remember them, sorry! Maybe the buyer spots this and might be able to meausure it for you.
Borrelli sold, and pricedrops on 2 remaining ties! //edit// Now all sold, thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by PocketCircle I don't know why we don't see them on sale here much but Etro ties (the ones I saw and felt at least) are made of great silk. They indeed are. They have a really nice soft and light feel. They tie a subtle knot. I like them pretty much.
Borrelli paisley now sold pending payment.
It is, you know you want it
Allright guys, i've managed to source 3 more New ties. However as you might know only Borrelli is sold with tag. I take paypal and I ship out the same or next day as payment is received. All prices include shipping. Here we go! 1: NWT Borrelli 7fold Paisley tie. 61 inch long, 3,5 inch widest point SOLD 2: New Etro purpleish patterned tie. 61 inch long, 3,2 inch widest point SOLD 3: New Brioni navy "striped" tie, VERY soft. 62 inch long, 3,5 inch widest...
This gorgeous jacket is now sold pending payment!-->SOLD
Thank you for those kind words
Last 2 ties now sold pending payment
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