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WOW. Just WOW.
WOW, this is insane. Incredible stuff. When I see stuff like this I always wonder if I should be happy or sad that it's not my size.
Wow, that is lovely, and my size too. Thanks for making me doubt about buying this
Quote: Originally Posted by HomerJ Albern, I can get 3 other styles, the Kennedy, Austin, and Dunning. I didn't see any Pierres.. Would these be 135 usd shipped as well? And can you get picture of these models?
Brioni solid navy tie now sold pending payment, thanks! I'll probably be back soon with more ties. If there's anything in particular you like, feel free to send me a pm with what you're looking for and I might be able to source it for you. //edit// payment received on brioni, now sold
It sure is a good deal! No takers yet although i received some pms on it.
Yes it sure is! Brioni doesnt come with tags, but it is spanking new.
4 ties sold pending payment, price drop on the solid navy brioni tie. This is really the softest tie I've ever seen!
only this one is still available: Another INCREDIBLE soft Brioni in solid Navy. It's a very dark navy. Brioni ties are famous for their softness, this one is off the scale! 61x3,5 inch SOLD A very beautiful solid offwhite/cream/vanilla colored tie. 7 fold, and NWT. 61x3,5 inch SOLD And the last one, a very special very light brownish tie, with flowers woven into the fabric, with a small blue piece. It's also 7fold and NWT 59x3,5 inch SOLD And a picture of all 3 for...
Same conditions as my previous tie topics. Price includes standard global shipping. I can do insured with tracking at an extra cost. I take paypal, no fees to be added. First up is very special Brioni tie. It's red, has some darker red, some whitish and some light blue in it. It's new but without tags, Brioni ties don't come with tags. The pattern is woven int the fabric. It's hard to catch on pictures, but there's a fine lightblue square in the square in the pattern(you...
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