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Drop on last style--> now down to 465!
Attolini suit re-added, and also dropped!
More drops on second style sportscoats: now down to 465!
More drops on Borrelli suit #6: Now down to 1085!
Up for sale are 2 NWOT Finamore shirts. Both have a 15 3/4 or 40cm collar. Both are 100% Cotton. These retail for 300usd, get them now for 95usd excl shipping. I ship for actual costs, depending on location and preffered method of shipping. More than happy to do free shipping if combined with items from my other 2 sales threads: Epic Cucinelli Megathread and Borrelli Suits and sportscoats First is a very soft denim shirt with very nice details. See pictures below....
Another drop on Borrelli 56EU suit #2
First style now also dropped to 490, all jackets are now down to 490 usd. At this pricepoint, how can one justify not buying?
More drops on luxury vintage sportscoats!
Another drop on the last style jackets: these are now down to 490usd!
Drop on Borrelli suit #6. Lots of pms, give these babies some luvv!!
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