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Yea, I think I'll do that, the shoes are indeed a very dark brown, I tried light brown shoes and black shoes but that didn't really work either.. :/ (I have to mention that my shoe collection is rather bad.) Thanks for the feedback so far guys!
Well I'm about 2 meters tall, so if I stand up straight they fall ok I guess, perhaps a tad too long yea..
Before going to a party. This is the first decent quality suit I have ever bought, hows the fit?
Quote: Originally Posted by snowmanxl cez's pic gives off a daniel day-lewis vibe. mustache to background--everything. great fit. ferluci, ppl are going to say that you should wear shoes and not take as many pics. besides that im not the best to give fit advice lol Well last time I didn't have any socks on so consider this an improvement.
Some new stuff. Comments are welcome, especially about the size.
Buggy double post
Quote: Originally Posted by notwithit I like the cardigan. Details? It's from J.C. Rags, it's currently only available in europe but I think they are expanding to the US.
Quote: Originally Posted by Scooba you're going to get yelled at for the bare feet Haha well all my posts so far are with bare feet... I never wear socks in the house
Bought a new cam so the picture quality should go up. Trying something new.
Quote: Originally Posted by darkknight ^would look better with a darker/blood red. I'll try that, thanks the colour it has right now is the actual colour of the shirt
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