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Quote: Originally Posted by Stylin-1 Somehow I think the prices of these jeans will make this guy blink. I did ask for both something you would not mind digging a ditch in and something that matches the specs I mentioned but price not a worry. Big thanks to Cali for the tip off. I saw a couple of items that looked perfect. Michael
Between the time I was in 5th grade and until I was out of college, I wore jeans and only jeans day to day. To give some perspective, I graduated college in 1991. Back in elementary school I was a Wranglers kid, but at some point in Jr. High I switch to Levis. Back the oprions for me were simple 501 or 505, straight leg, "pre-shrunk" or not. Levis came in basically one color of bue too. Both the "pre-shrunk" and non-pre-shrunk started out stiff as a board, the only...
I commented on this show and Jeff Goldblums outfits on AAAC. I too was impressed at first blush. In the one episode I saw parts of, I noted in two different odd jackets, in the first instance he had both buttons on a two-button jacket buttoned (we rewinded the DVR to double check), in the second his jacket only covered half his rear.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cantabrigian To be fair, Frank showed me the shoulder pads he used and they are very thin. When I said that the shoulder was still a little strong, I meant that in comparison to the sweater-like shoulder I was hoping for. And it may well be the case that what he gave me on this suit will look better than what I will try to talk him into on the next jacket. Got ya. Thanks for the clarification.
-1 on the lack of handwork after you asked for it (lack of handwork is one thing, just not following a request without telling you they could/would not is not too cool). -1 on the padding. possible -1 on house style. I read in one post someone said they thought they read Ercole had a S. Italian house cut (though I could not find a post that said that here or on AAAC), the cut you describe sounds more Roman/Brioni. +1 on fabric selection. +1 for CTM (it's Cut...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tomasso Ercole is bespoke and from what I've heard they're something of a value. They would have a much higher pricepoint if they were renting space in Manhattan rather than owning their shop in Brooklyn Have you used Ercole? If so, what would you say their house cut is?
Corneliani MTM been mentioned in the past (including in comparisons with RLBL MTM), has anyone actually taken the plunge? Also, rather than comparing Corneliani MTM to RLBL MTM, I would be interested in a comparison of Corneliani MTM to Ercole in Brooklyn. Based on previous threads and Corneliani's ORT pricing, I think they are both fairly close in price, but how about fit, construction and styling? Cheers, Lino [and yes, I did cross post this one on SF]
Quote: Originally Posted by The_Foxx NEVER let a woman pick out your ties Even if you have trained her eye to only pick out things you like, to always bring home a gift receipt, and understand and accept that you may actually use the gift receipt or even ask her to deal with the return? My wife is OK with the latter part, so we are working on the former. Until she's got it down, she happily sticks with picking out boxers (which I still have...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bandwagonesque I liked them until I saw the elastic part. Something about the shape and the length of it - kind of ruins the entire boot. It's not bad, it's just that I'd prefer one or the other, and not the hybrid. I agree, I have the same feeling about them. They would be much better sans elastic"”to me the elastic gives it the feeling of a clip-on tie, like the laces are only for show.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton I have become quite a fan of boots with suits, generally in winter, but also in any wet/slushy weather whatever the season. To be clear, though, I don't wear chelseas but lace-up dress boots. When the trouser legs are down, they are pretty much impossible to tell from dress shoes. How about these...hybrid lace-up/chelseas
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