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If you are able to support Vicki by donating some money or support her on another way by finishing and promoting her film, please do. On this way she can soon show a lot of people in the world about this wonderful craft and that will be a part of supporting this wonderful craft and keep it alive. She made this with a lot of passion and I think people who don't have a passion for tailoring already, but who will see this, will become passionate as well about this wonderful...
Martinez in Baton Rouge is quite good.
The ugliest ties in the world are in my opinion skinny ties. Especialy the leather one's.
Maria José Aznar Also the way he was dressing his self. Always a stylish look.
Is a hat still atylish in this century? I see not so many people wearing hat's ... Also not in great city's in the world. Is a hat in this century stylish? Or is the time that we were wearing hat's if we want to be stylish over? I am very curious to the opinion of people here on styleforum.
Hello, I am from 5 till 8 June in Dallas... Anyone like to meet for a drink, a lunch or a diner there? And can anyone tell me where I have to shop and where I can find good restaurants? regards, Tim
Hello, I have to go to Seattle for business trip (I have to go to the headoffice of Microsoft)... I have one free day to spend there does anyone have suggestions for where to shop? Thanks in advance. Best regards, Tim Mureau
When I was in Toronto I found this tailor Stavros offers also mtm shirts and neckties.
I have read somewhere that his suit, shirt and tie in the movie comes from Douglas hayward on Mount street in London.
I make a trip to Boston very soon. Can anyone advise me good stores for shirts & ties there? Thanks in advance.
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