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Quote: Originally Posted by laxnate DC that would be awesome. I've been thinking about it for awhile, would love to hear (and see) your thoughts. Speak of the devil, it arrived today. It's actually not bad ... it's not great, but it's not bad, especially for the price. I'll post a review with photos tomorrow.
Quote: Originally Posted by laxnate Any update from those that have bought? Pics? I bit the bullet and ordered one of their basic navy suits, should be arriving any day. Will take some photos and give first impression before bringing it to my tailor.
So what you're saying is that the photo's I took of some pretty sharp Hugo Boss sport-coats for my upcoming B&S post are pretty much useless?? I agree that they're not worth the retail price they try to charge, but do have some decent cuts that can round out a wardrobe.
Bought these on the forum and they're unfortunatly too big for me. These are a great pair of jeans! Just looking to recover what I paid so SOLD shipped. Straight leg 32x34 Raw Waist: 34", Front rise: 11.5", thigh: 11.75", inseam 33", ankle 8.75" Raw/Rinse. Dark indigo. Buttoned closure. Japanese selvedge denim. Quite heavy. Made in USA.
Great looking suits! Funny to see styles come around ... any one of them could pass for something that's come out in the past year. Oh and great avatar, going to go pull out that record (yes vinyl) now ...
Quote: Originally Posted by cksnipe Don't buy Lauren by Ralph Lauren suits. They are horrible compared to the other RL lines such as Polo (blue label), black label and purple label. Fair enough, but isn't the more important comparison how they compare to other suits in their price range?
Try Tom's Place in Kensington Market - Upstairs they have some very nice stuff, but probably above your price point right now. Downstairs however they have a ton of suits and if you look through them carefully you can find some real steals. Do some reading on this forum for what to look for in terms of fit, quality, styles etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by skiii Thanks for replying. The pants is getting the waist taken in, hemmed, and slimmed. Jacket is getting the sleeves, chest, and waist areas slimmed. I am not familiar with the average prices so hopefully I am not paying too much. Sounds about right then, actually you probably got a pretty good deal with the slimming of the arms on the jacket and the pants.
Quote: Originally Posted by skiii So I went to a tailor that my friend recommended and the lady seemed like she knew what she was doing (in business for 18 years). I dropped off a jacket and a pair of pants, both are getting considerable amount of work done. Does $65 for jacket and $40 for pants sound reasonable? All depends on what you're doing to them of course. Seems a little steep on the pants, but if you're having them hemmed plus...
Quote: Originally Posted by plumpto How is STP for duties, for shipping to Canada? Not bad actually. They use a premium service of UPS that covers the customs processing charges that UPS would normally charge you. Actual duties assessed by CCRA is hit and miss - depends on how much and what you've ordered.
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