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Quote: Originally Posted by Sharp Pointy Stick Anyone tried/heard of Romarock Custom Tailors in Richmond? Yes used him a couple of times. Poor attention to detail (mixed up what to do on a shirt alteration), I've stopped using him. Nice guy though.
Quote: Originally Posted by blazingazn BUMP! I need to know as this can totally ruin the suit if done wrong. I've had them take in shoulders on a couple of suits and they did an outstanding job. As bjan says though it's $125+ ...
Quote: Originally Posted by PatriotsFan Can someone vouch for the quality of the suit in the long-run (still on the fence since they're advertised as super 150's fabric)? Not bad so far. I've had the first one I bought for about a year and no issues. I'm fairly hard on suits as I'm travelling a lot, but on the other hand I have a reasonable number for rotation. No shining on the elbows which I always find is the first sign of wear.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sharp Pointy Stick Would Oakridge Tailors be able to help me with my suit?, link below; Link To get back on topic ... Oakridge is very good and would be a good option for you, but they're not the fastest.
Quote: Originally Posted by FidelCashflow Yup, but it's a big step up in price... about 2x for thomas mason silverline fabrics. Has anyone else noticed that some of mytailor's executive collection fabrics appear to be identical to some of Ricky's superfine fabrics? For sure the value is there with Jantzen ... especially as it looks like has upped their prices - wasn't their Executive Collection typically under $100? I look...
Quote: Originally Posted by rossi What is the second-cheapest alternative to Jantzen, that has a good quality control, choice of fabrics and customer relations? Probably
Quote: Originally Posted by Lonneker I think it's fairly common knowledge that Jantzen shirts are not meant to be ironed. Well I suppose ... as long as you're not planning on wearing them either ... As ferguscan says, all cotton shirts need to be ironed. IMHO even those that are labeled as 'non iron' (which Jantzen's aren't) do well with a press.
PM sent. Got my first batch a few weeks ago and they are fantastic!
Price drop on the remaining pair!
Dark Blue and Indigo/Purple have been sold - Olive are still available!
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