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The Life And Death Of Colonel Blimp See this before you die then kick yourself that you hadn't seen it before.
Quick Qu.: Should one treat (wax/polish/other) new shoes before wearing them out?
This show is too addictive.
My dog, Tattoo.
3 kinds of chicken, Chinese styleee beans almonds
T&G, ice, lemon, hold the G.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dragon I think the one major problem about Tokyo is that it is NOT tourist friendly. Your experience in Tokyo really gives me the impression that you just didn`t know what to look for, sort of like visiting Yahoo for the first time and not knowing how to surf the net. All of the other cities you mentioned are fairly easy to navigate for an English speaker in comparison (and a lot smaller in size and what they offer). Oh...
Why do youngsters insist on making lists of the best, the worst etc? This tendency, it depresses one.
I want to say that the cheapness is admirable. It is good to know these things. Thank you.
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