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i really don't think irreversible is that good a film. yes, the rape scene is filmed and played very effectively, the shot puts you at the level of belluci, and her reaching out toward the viewer has the effect (on me at least) of implicating you in the scene, as either apathetic bystander or perverted rubber-necker; but to what end? the reversed timeline seemed a pointless gimmick, especially with temporal discontinuity done so appropriately in memento, pulp fiction and...
anyone mentioned 2046 yet? stunning 40s hong kong opulence
instead of injecting i'm just gonna eat loads more liver and onions
^ if you shoot up in the bath you should be OK
i run a number 1 all over about once a week, been doing it for years but i still sometimes miss the whispy bits on my neck. just gotta go in all directions on the crown, neck, and any cowlicks you might have. did have a clipped 0 for a bit, but i looked, and was treated like, a racist - not nice.
from top to bottom: Ford RS200 - imo the most iconic of the group b rally cars, ugly as sin but fast as... Jensen Interceptor - affordable 70's beast, built not too far from where i live (midlands massive!), wraparound back window a thing to behold. Studebaker Avanti - i like loads of american classics, but this space age raymond loewy designed car is the best. rear light clusters are both original and timeless. Lancia Fulvia - again quite cheap,, a bit...
memoirs wasn't written by a japanese author, nor the film funded or directed by the japanese either, so i reckon it's a bit odd to moan that it had no japanese female leads (imho the book was fairly average). don cheadle isn't rwandan (nor is sophie okenedo for that matter) but that film was all good. ziyi zhang and gong li are both super fly though...i think they are both in 2046 by wong kar wai - one of the most arrestingy beautiful films (from a visual perspective)...
you can taste the alcohol in Cheeky Vimto...and that's gotta be about as girly as they get
have you seen the 'girl-drink-drunk' kids in the Hall sketch?
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