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Quote: Originally Posted by Manton No, and my CH coat is not that expensive either. Much prefer the light color myself. Classic. "Replacing" my ancient BB coat with bespoke this year. Mine is RLPL; I assumed Ralph doesn't skimp on his high end lines - one never knows .
My concern with the standard camel fabric is that when it sheds the fibers are visible particularly against a dark color sport coat &/or suiting. Has anyone else observed this?
Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido Last chance to wear linen as the leaves are changing A P Johnson coat undoubtedly. MTM? Love the balance of the coat, its pocket shape and choice of tie fabric & color, but the trouser seems to disrupt the summery tone of the other articles; perhaps a linen, cotton or porous worsted trouser fabric may have been more suitable
Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. Try not to laugh, 6 months. Jeezus christ that's f^@king ridiculous.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan That is, in fact, funny. Perhaps he hasn't had the time to visit his own "atelier" in Naples. Yeah, I figured he was being a little catty, while doing the customary self promotion, so I ignored his quip.
Yesterday, I spoke with Mr Labani about the scheduled grand opening of their NYC boutique in the Fall. A lot of conjecture with respect to the flexibility of their custom operation; I assumed their emphasis was MTM & not bespoke yet I'm sure this is possible; he mentioned they've relocated two Neapolitan tailors to NY for alterations etc. Anyway, a sportcoat in a basic fabric is 4900US and higher. Funny, he referred to LH as a retailer not a true atelier as he described...
Concordia, did he mention whether he'll increase U.S. visits or atleast become more consistent with the current schedule? It may be to early at this stage of your garment, but any assesments to share with us?
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton He's really here. Palace Hotel, and he has lots of coats. Gr8t! The stuff he's made for you is exceptional.
^Everytime I see this guy I think how utterly ridiculous. Is he just trying too hard or is he simply clueless
Who gives a frig?! I randomly cruise boutiques & tailor firms all the time; granted my revisits aren't as frequent
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