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Quote: Originally Posted by dieworkwear Really great to see you posting again! Kind of sad to see the old posts gone, but I think I speak for everyone in saying that this is made up for by your blogging again. Yep, really appreciate your posts Mat. Hope the trip is enjoyable and the fittings are executed well. Snap a picture of their shantung ties ...
Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier ^Doesn't Charles always do that? I prefer the bottom unbuttoned, but thumbs up on the turnback cuffs. From the slouchy look of this garment, its probably pre-T&A
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton I always prefer cuffs to no cuffs, on everyone. Does this include trousers worn with morning suits?
Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. Fit pic of the gray pinstripe (L. Barbera fabric). This taken after a long day running around London. Mariano's style choices are always appropriate; great fit Whnay. Off day with shirt cuff I see? Maybe its the camera angle.
Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. Looks wacky here. I like Luca's intrepid use of colors in his wardrobe; he's most certainly next level. This pose, on the other hand, is like oh-dear-god why.
Unless you own a Fat Boy, I don't see the practicality of this jacket; even as a casual coat it looks misplaced.
Quote: Originally Posted by sugarbutch CBD Friday... Is it Manton who hates teh black socks? I like thetie color and fabric pairing; is it birdseye or nailhead? Lovely.
I'm relieved I didn't reply to Ambrosi's repeated solicitations - thanks intuition.
yfyf, Your Liveran & Liverano suit is settling pretty well. I just adore the quarters and rounded edges of their coats
Quote: Originally Posted by williamson Sober, perhaps, but very harmonious. 1st person brave enough to mention it. ; I like the check pattern of the shirt
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