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Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Yes, those are Ambrosi trousers. Sometimes cuff doesn't show. Just a fact of life outside the realm of SF myth. Mat, What's MR's sport coat pattern? Grey PoW?
don't cuff on plain fronts, nor dinner suits, nor any formal trouser
Quote: Originally Posted by ethandesu We do. Unfortunately my size - 9.5 - sold the day they hit the store. Desu Ethan, Welcome, nice to have you aboard.
Quote: Originally Posted by ndw This is brilliant. I love the look of the well worn suit. CLose up: The cut of the waist coat is amazing.
Thanks for the translation. Never liked double monk strap until now, they're tastefully done. How's the fit?
Quote: Originally Posted by Lightbringer Ideally the vest should be long enough to cover the belt. I've talked to Mina about side adjusters and she didn't seem a huge fan -- claimed they were very British (though she could, of course, do them if you truly wanted) Interesting view. Adjusters are more of a practical feature of trousers to me. Did Mina suggest an alternate method of preventing pants from sliding off one's waist?
Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. Store is going to open on June 1st. Do they offer untipped neckwear? Their standard stuff I ordered from the Napoli boutique was rather stiff partly due to the liner or perhaps the self-tipping material. Whatever the factor, the stuff did not fold into shape easily.
Oh my, that's just overwhelming. Can someone check my pulse?
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Thank you. Dappled sunlight shot, if you want to see the fabric in...uhm...a different light: Clickable for hugosity. - B Nice to have you back Vox. The fabric choice is spot on for summer.
Since when did wearing university tees with trouser and a pair of wingtips become casual? C'mon, it would fail as acceptable dress attire even for casual Fridays.
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