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Thanks Schu ~ I like the overall look ... style, IMO, can be expressed in many ways.
Quote: Originally Posted by zjpj83 Yes, Cleverley seems significantly more au bon marché. ... zjpj83 ~ Just out of curiosity, & you can PM me if you wish. Why not Mr. Gaziano's bespoke? His shoes are simply exquisite.
Quote: Originally Posted by RJMan Vacca is grossly overpriced for Stefanobi; buy some in France next time you're over for about half as much. Stefanobi is much more expensive in the US than in Europe. Could you comment on quality? I understand S. Lattanzi is among, if not the best RTW, but where does StefanoBi fit in the shoe Hierarchy?
I'm considering a StefanoBi shoe (not the clunky designs) purchase from Vacca; phoned the NYC store recently and was told MTM is offered ... Can someone comment on construction and quality?
are Barba's Gold label shirts as good as A. Matuozzo's?
could someone rank the following shirts based on MTM quality? Barba, Borrelli, A. Matuozzo, & Merolla e de L'Ero
Thanks Schu Now that temps. have increased slightly, are there more sightings of straw lids in NYC?
Matt the EG2 model is stunning. does Brioni offer it in suede? Also, as a general question, when is the best time to purchase suede shoes? are they offered throughout the year? Thanks.
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