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Quote: Originally Posted by Xenon Pictures like this really anoy me big time Would it have been so difficult to wait one second to snap the shot so we could see her face (woman in blue dress) - I bet she is really stunning. From the looks of it, she's a definite show stopper.
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm Merolla - pricing, construction, what did you get, options, how to order, fittings, comparison vs other makers, cost, time from order to completion, etc what a grocery list; straight to the point aren't you
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del If hermes man was to get a bespoke suit, he wouldn't have the basting removed, so that everyone knows it is bespoke This is a super-cool photo and the knit tie just rocks!
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI Who's the formless, pasty chick in the background?
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Really? That sounds low. Doesn't their MTM start at ~$5k US? Not quite, Libani quoted me 4.9K for a MTM sport coat so tack on > 7 big ones for a 2-pc. Said they imported two Napoli tailors to conduct measurements and fittings. I wonder if they'll perform the cutting and sewing for the bespoke operation or ship the stuff back to their hq? Its unimaginable to think that just 2 tailors would assume the...
Manton, For business garments, would you have the sleeve heads smoothened or opt for the puckering? Personally, I don't mind the puckering on summer or business suits, but for more formal stuff like dinner coats I'd rather not have it.
Great stuff, love the shape of the patch pockets. Perhaps, its the camera angle but I think I'm developing an aversion for the high placement of the lapel notch by some Neapolitan tailors. The moderate stile features of LH's garments is yet another reason of its appeal.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Thanks guys--glad you enjoyed it. There is much more substance in the blog post. Beyond my two summer suits, I also ordered an overcoat, way too many ties, and about a zillion trousers that should be here any day . . . Speaking of which, what's a "lapped trouser seam" and its practical benefit? Or is it merely an asthetic factor? Glad you finally bit the bullet and commissioned an overcoat; now if we...
Thanks for sharing Mat, great post. Mariano is always dashingly dressed.
Fabric choice is spot on for the season; color combo & accessories are another thing. A tan linen sport coat with khaki or cotton drill trousers and a fun tie would have been cool visually - oh, well.
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