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Nice loafers!
Amen dude. You can't skimp on bespoke and expect a flawless garment. The top-shelved tailors are highly regarded for obvious reasons.
Alternatively, couldn't you request a cashier's check from your bank then mail it to her using the tracking services of a global courier? A cashier's check is approx. $10US ...
Many of the new features/tools are a welcomed upgrade. Personally, I'm not affected by the prevalence of sponsor labels though their presence on the margins of threads just seems a bit much. If these advertisements were reserved to the main pages of various forums, then it wouldn't be so visually disorienting.
Only fasten the middle button on your coat; lighter color neckties for lighter color suits whether linen, cotton or fresco (I prefer worsteds) fabrics in the summer. Chi-town? If so, then stop by SAKS 5th on Miracle Mile, speak to Henry Woford of the men's clothing for further style tips. Overall looks good, points for shirt cuffs
Grey sharkskin SB 3 button is a must have
Nice looking collars; his collar and cuff treatment are a bit stiffer than Anna's.
Your sportcoat looks very nice. The sleeve length and shoulder extension is just right; the shape of the lapels are similar to the Rubinacci stuff of twenty years ago I've seen. Top notch
Quote: Originally Posted by psyc1030 Nice. Bespoke?
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Après le feu d'artifice éclairci le ciel Tuesday: - B Always lovely. Lightening the color of the tie may enhance this look, contrast works as well; I'm jus' sayin'. Also, a slight shoulder extension should be considered as the effects of your RCA on the fabric is noticeable. Perhaps, it is the weight of and drape of the linen fabric on your shoulder. Folks on LL often advocate for heavier...
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