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Bro, a definite cause for ditch. There's so much koochie flooting around out there why get locked into one? If this chick has assumed the manly roll its over because in her mind you're a beta not an alpha.
Thanks, nice article.
Tres bon. I hope he didn't ruin it w/ a goofy pair of drivers.
I like the richness of the color combo with a navy business stripped shirt.
Thanks for sharing, Derek - love your blog. Drake's motifs are the best..
While watching the film I noticed the ebb and flow of each scene, the expressions of the tailors, which were not contrived but natural as the Neapolitan garment. If the film was a structured production it would not have captured the genuine characteristics of the Neapolitan, both the tailor and his garment. Great film!
I know, right! I wondered the same recently. Besides Ciardi, he's the only other Neapolitan tailor I would try as Panico's prices mirrors LH now.
And w/out a tie bar?! Major point deduction ...
Funny quote, but quite analogous. I do think Foo's dinner suit is flattering; I'm not sure what happened with this commission, however.
Love this look; black shoes and a non-tv-fold square would have completed the look, IMO.
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