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Quote: Originally Posted by irish_man Thanks for the info everyone. I'll have to try on the BL it sounds like - it may be too lean for me (I'm 6'3" 185 lbs or thereabouts), and I work in an incredibly conservative environment unfortunately. Anyone tried it out it more conservative environs and been okay with it? I'm 6'2" - 210lbs and Black Label works well. I have a # of both PL and BL suits. Interestingly (or maybe not) I wear a 44R in...
I don't think so - at least not for Commonwealth countries. Could be wrong though.
I'm not aware of the formal rules. In Australia one wears one's full size decoraations with a lounge suit on Anzac Day. State functions with white tie are minatures plus collarette (eg DSO or AC) and/or sash. For black tie, events it will normally specify if minatures are to be worn. The exception seems to be the Order of Australia lapel pin.
I wear them around the house before dressing of a morning
Yeah - the Australian Army still issued them when I was in say, seven years ago. It looked good for an army sweater - and you could fold them down to keep your hands warm. Don't think I've seen them elsewhere. It certainly finished the sweater sleeve nicely.
Yes I do. I believe that it is a sign of moral turpitude. I also wish that ugly people would wear masks.
That works, please put them aside and the size 36 Dalton, in a black and white houndstooth. Let me know what I owe you. Thanks
RLPL navy pinstripe trousers in Super 150s wool - I PM'd you about these - not sure if you post to Australia
Or go the brown belt and shoes with the charcoal
I've had some luck with Harvie & Hudson
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