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Beer + Stones Green Ginger Wine
I've been drinking Knappsteins recently. Top drop if you are in OZ
Congac - (Courvoisier VSOP by volume - Remy XO if flush) Whisky - Islay (Montgomerie is cheap and good) Gin - (T #10)
Quote: Originally Posted by sincerity man you should play this to your advantage...as SOON as you cross that line, she's gonna either a) fuck you and then get bored with you fast...and then you'll feel like a douche and not have anything to keep your mind busy at work... b) not fuck you and she's just a tease...and it'll be really awkward from there on out... c) fuck you and show that psycho i'll fuck your career up side and then you're...
Bang her six ways from Sunday. She'll often have to be home to look after the brat so you'll get heaps more time to yourself to head out sleazing.
Quote: Originally Posted by irish_man Thanks for the info everyone. I'll have to try on the BL it sounds like - it may be too lean for me (I'm 6'3" 185 lbs or thereabouts), and I work in an incredibly conservative environment unfortunately. Anyone tried it out it more conservative environs and been okay with it? I'm 6'2" - 210lbs and Black Label works well. I have a # of both PL and BL suits. Interestingly (or maybe not) I wear a 44R in...
I don't think so - at least not for Commonwealth countries. Could be wrong though.
I'm not aware of the formal rules. In Australia one wears one's full size decoraations with a lounge suit on Anzac Day. State functions with white tie are minatures plus collarette (eg DSO or AC) and/or sash. For black tie, events it will normally specify if minatures are to be worn. The exception seems to be the Order of Australia lapel pin.
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