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Thanks for the thread. I've got one of their brown ones with a mitred end - and I love it - although it does produce a mixed reaction around the office. I need some with dots
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara I'm checking in for my flight tomorrow and noticed that my current seat is in that handicap row : Sounds like you'll be right at home
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC The Mark Beard / Bruce Sergeant show ended today so I was able to pick up my purchase: I think it looks great. Frame works well too.
I've found that it cuts both ways. When you've got your groove on, being over-dressed really rocks it in your favour; when you are missing a beat, you stand out like a sore thumb.
Its the internet or bust I'm afraid - RM's excepted
I wear a 44 in blue & a 46 in black and purple. Don't have a PL blazer though
A gifted performer
I have some sqaure and some mitred. Kilgour make a few nice mitred knits
Quote: Originally Posted by Schnurretiger What about: "Hey, its okay. I've got about six months left to live, so what are 45 minutes?" Gold or "Not yet, you're not"
Great addition to coffee. I find it the most addictive of spirits. & + 1 to the chap who mentioned the better dark rums. The better Angostora marques are up there with the worst of the XO's and better than all VSOP's IMHO
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