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I would wear one once or twice a month - generally to the track
Sell it on Ebay as New Without Tags
I have no idea on the brand - but, depending on how the port has been stored it could possibly be good. A friend of mine turned up a couple of bottles of Penfolds 52 the other month and one was excellent. Judging by the fact that the bottles are individually numbered there is a chance that this port could be worth some money - perhaps it is worth googling or take it to a wine auctioneer.
+ 10 for RLBL (2 button) or D & G (3 button)
I think that the winter photo looks best too
The Leopard A Dance to the Music of Time The Snow Goose
Good luck!
He has got his 'look' down pat
Phillips GC 4430 - works for me
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