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All kinds of awesome
And I'd change the shoes
Eric, you are a visionary. I can see you taking this to the 'next level.' Can't wait until you distribute in Oz!
I previously mentioned that Kilgour are pretty good. They sent out an email the other day with some sort of sale going on. Their knits are 30 Quid per throw.
I have a couple of kilgour ones that I like
RLPL - they can be found for under a G on ebay. I'll post a picture of the one I picked up when I get a chance. I have no experience with Isia though - they may be far superior for all I know.
You have something in common with Conne - he likes wrinkles too!
Mess boots if you can find them
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan It's the "I like it!" thread, damn it. Anyway, how can you not like black belts? Isn't that like not liking bread? What do you wear with black shoes? My apologies for the 'not like' in your 'I like it!' thread. I only wear black shoes with suits; so I wear braces with them. I think that it is a phobia that developed at school where the masters would give you the 'strap' with a belt that was inevitably...
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