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Quote: Originally Posted by Laffertron Good to see more Brisbane folks coming out of the woodwork. People may give you shit for having lunch with a bunch of men you met on an internet fashion message board, but pay them no heed! I have been surprised by the number of Brissney-ites here too
Great thread
3, 6 & 5 are my favourites
I like the idea of a light blue shirt with it - maybe a navy tie
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton I have Dormeuil 405031 in the works. If you don't mind me asking, did you go for the full lining? I did, but is it imperative? I ask, as it is very hot here (Queensland - NE Aus) and it will preclude me from wearing them in exactly the seasons when they are most useful.
I've been inspired by this thead. There was a white flannel in a dodgy book, at a hole-in-the wall 'Greek Brothers' place when I went to get some grey flannels made. I'll post a pic when they are done.
I can see this stuff taking off really quickly! You've nailed it Eric. Your trail-blazing ideas are going to open up a new era of male fashion. Don't forget the little people when you (inevitably) hit the big time. I'd wish you good luck - but with products like yours, it won't be necessary. I look fwd to ordering soon!
I look fwd to seeing your black shoes
Drakes do bespoke knit ties
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