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Just curious if anyone has any ideas for unique and high-end key chains. I have seen some interesting ones over the years...
I think you may be mistaken. I was told they generally run true to size. Just got my first pair today in 10.5 and they are spot on. There is no way they are a half size large for me - I normally wear a 10.5 in this type of shoe.
I can't yet speak for the Quoddy (I have a pair on the way) but the LL Bean are terrible, IMO. The pair I got had plastic that looked like plastic (and not even nice plastic). They were really awful and I tossed them. Cheap but not worth the money I spent.
Yes - I ordered a pair of maliseets in black and they will be ready next week - only about a week behind from estimate. Luckily, they also had a brown pair in my size in stock today when I called so those bad boys are on the way.... BTW, whoever recommended the LL Bean version was off base IMO. I got a pair and promptly tossed them. The leather was like plastic (and not even nice plastic). I would never consider another pair.
and for the lawyer in you - assume puffery to the extreme with the SB. not a fan.
thanks to all for the suggestions - very helpful.
Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum -_- it is not possible for a person to be this lazy. if you simply typed white sneakers in the search function you would have at least 5, 6 threads on this. Google. Check our affiliates in the SW&D subforum Troll SW&D B&S threads Frankly I would prefer no response over an insulting one. Part of "style" might be said to also contain a modicum of tact and gentility. I thought perhaps (since I...
Thanks for the suggestions. If you know of any good places to find the models mentioned, please share some links. Appreciate it!
I am not much of a sneaker person but need some more casual shoes. It appears that a classic look is either the all white canvas Vans or all white low-top Chuck Taylor Converse. Are there any other options in this type of shoe I should consider? Thanks!
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