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Still a few left in 40 and 42. They have a solid charcoal, a black, and a blue stripe. Sale sends in 3 hours now.
http://www.belleandclive.com/browse/sales/details.jsp?categoryId=cat1370020 This link may only work when logged in. You may have to go to Bell and Clive and create an account. If you have a Bluefly account, you can log in with those credentials. It looks like there are 3 40's and 3 42's left now. Good luck.
I have owned an M5. It was cool. I hated the clunky SMG transmission. I have owned a 911. It is my favorite car that I have owned. I liked the Cayman too.
okay then, I am just going to shut up and let this thread die now. I did not intend to attack anyone here. I now realize that it was foolish to lash out at every single person that said something negative to me. It would have gotten much further by just annoying the negative posts.
No it is not a luxury car. It is quick. A 135 with the DCT trans does 0-60 in 4.4 seconds. That is actually a really good 0-60 time. It gets no respect from anyone though, becuase it's a 1 series. People will say things like "oh my brother has a BMW but he has a 5 series". I don't care though becuase I like cars and like the engine and transmission the car comes with. It is a pretty good performance value. The Mustang 5.0 is a better performance value but I am not...
That is what I am looking at, property in Florida. I want to buy a few rental properties in Orlando, near Disney, then hire a management company to manage the properties.
Ah Mr Oinkboink again. Did you ever locate those 200.00 suits?I actually just downsized my car collection. Last year I bought a 2011 BMW 135, and a 2011 Porsche Cayman. The Cayman was a stick and I will not be able to drive it for months becuase of an ankle injury. I sold it. So no I don't think a BMW 1 135 is a sign of wealth. I did however pay cash for both of those cars. I actually really like the 135 FWIW.I also do not think a 3 bedroom house is a sign of wealth...
I am not insecure. Patrick Booth was treating me like I am some toy for him to play with, on the Internet, for his amusement. I had no interest in insulting him. I actually ignored him for a long time, hoping he would go away.FWIW I do not like Mercedes and I live way below my means.
that was, by far, the best post in this thread. well done.
Tonight when I drive my BMW into my gated community, I will go home to my 3 bedroom/ 3 bath house that I call bachelor pad. I think of you in your shitty studio apartment that doesn't even have a kitchen and looks like a prison cell and I will be amused. Actually, since my personal assistant will be working tonight I will talk to her about it and we will mock you. We will talk about the irony of you acting like a bad ass and picking on me like I am the nerdy kid at school.
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