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For the brown boots that are currently 96% funded, will there be another round before the release date in Nov/Dec or is this it?
Does anybody know when the Acrimony sale starts?
Need Supply has 20% off and they have some of the newer JE items. "FRIENDS20" is the promo code.
Any word on when the Midnight Rue or White Clash will restock? I got a gift card for Christmas that I'm ready to use...
^ thanks
does anybody know the employee discount on sale merchandise by any chance?
Does anybody have any pics of the Repaired Stafford Denim? I'm just looking to see how slim they truly are.
I'm only getting the VAT discount on TresBien. How are you all getting the 20% off of footwear? I tried logging in and nothing.
are the measurements for denim still available on the RRL site? I've been going to Unionmade goods to get proper measurements...
has anybody ever tried to taper slim-fit selvedge denim? the fit above the knees is perfect but i'd like to make the leg opening a bit smaller on a few pairs of RRLs...
New Posts  All Forums: