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What about the Linen cardigan?
I have the warm grey's that get frequent wear. I also have the the all White's. I previously thought the carta's would be too close to both, but it looks like they'd be a nice alternative.
Thanks for the quick reply! The carta looks like a creamish color. Good to know!
How different is the Carta from the standard Grey achilles?
Anybody think the cardigan will restock in the near future? Totally slept on it.
Just got the email and the presale goes live tonight at 9PM. 20% off site wide. Does anybody know if some items will restock prior to the sale like last year? Would like to finally cop some Kitos.
I've seen more items on sale than previously. I've been keeping tabs on the Adidas Rafs and they've dropped in price, but I can no longer see my 10% off code on farfetch.
Does anybody have a pair of the three strap achilles? Thinking about pulling the trigger on the brown pair.
My apologies if I may have missed any update(s), but any word on the status/progress of the Chelsea boot pre-orders?
Has anybody received the first batch of boots?
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