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Originally Posted by Coxsackie [[SPOILER]] I've seen a few of these heavily-textured (linen-mix?) jackets lately - you, HF, Braddock. [[SPOILER]] I'd wear them with an open-necked shirt, and maybe solid shirt and tie, but not so keen on tie with non-solid shirt - esp. the striped shirt and regimental tie Braddock used.
One of the best outfits here in a long time.
From a mid-2011 post:"In the autumn of 1957, Poole’s prices, including purchase tax, were as follows [the prices are followed with adjustment to 2010 for average earnings and the current prices at Poole]:For a lounge suit£49 16s 0d (£2334/£3433)For a dining-suit£58 2s 0d (£2723/£3830)For a winter overcoat£48 15s 9d (£2283/basic £2504 good cashmere £3745)For a summer overcoat£44 12s 0d (£2088)"Average earnings changes may not reflect earnings changes for typical SR customers.
Rave Reviews: Thumbs Saturation Point: Matchiness Saturation Point: Closeups without overall context Backlash: Trouser cuffs Backlash: Spoilers Backlash: Structured shoulders Backlash: Pleats Backlash to the backlash: Black shoes
Strange day - thumb up for AAS; thumb way down for Coxsackie.
Tchoy [[SPOILER]] I'm replying here rather than WAYWRN because you did! Both recent jackets have the problem of the left hand side pattern buttoning up slightly under the right side, unlike your great PoW suit. There's also quite a wave to the pattern across each side of the chest.
o/o; CP; Spoo: great, votes all round.Anden, GMMcL, AAS: it's not that it's too complex, but that it's too discordant/bold. AAS - the tattersall waistcoat turned it from something I slightly dislike into something I really dislike. You keep putting more and more patterns and colours together as if it's a challenge (let's ignore the title of this thread ). You're remembered for some shots when it really worked, but sometimes, even random combinations work. To be clear,...
Final hours/days of very good sale. Usual well-regarded brands, and some who should be well-regarded (although I noticed some acrylic sneaking into Breuer's offerings):
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