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Quote: Originally Posted by pronxs about 275-290 usd. normal price similar to those in BiG Those look awesome! Anyone know how to get a pair if there are any left? Do they do phone orders? edit: oops didnt read. I'll send you a pm
SOLD Dior Homme Clawmark 21cm size 30. Made in Japan. From A/W 2007 collection by Hedi Slimane. Very lightly worn, I would rate the condition 95%. Unaltered. No rips, stains, odors etc. See pictures for more details. $450 shipped & paypal'd Actual measurements Waist- 16" Front rise- 10" Thigh- 11.25" Knee- 8.5" Hem- 7.9" Inseam- 37.5"
Any other ideas? I tried J Crew talls and they were slim enough but not long enough. Just tried Eddie Bauers slim tee that comes in tall and its still 2 inches wider than J Crew and not quite tall enough
I don't know a single thing about paintings. This is on a door in a Massachusetts house built in 1928. Could it be an original painting from the '20s? Trying to get any information on it. If anyone knows or could point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it. Thanks
Hey Kiya, do you know if there are any Flathead 1001s or F310s in stock at the New York store?
Bump. Thanks again for the shoes
My issue with dawei69 has been resolved.
See my post here.
Warning: Pm Me Before Sending This Guy Any Money!!!!!
no thanks
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