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Price drop
Flathead 2001 size 32. Purchased from Selfedge. One initial soak. Don't remember how many times I wore these- maybe one or two months total. $190 shipped
Finally got my first pair. J Crew snuff plain toe boot. Extremely comfortable right out of the box. Has there ever been/will they ever make black suede plain toe boots?
price drops
Do they go on sale on the wings + horns website? I like some of those sneakers but not for $380
Is this the same boot in the same color? Color looks much nicer on the first one but they are both just listed as snuff
They don't sell any shoes at the factory in Massachusetts do they?
#4 are sold. The rest have offers but no one has paid yet. Whoever pays first owns them.
Dior Homme 19cm raw indigo size 32. Just bought these from Luisaviaroma for $390. Less than one week of wear on them, mostly just worn around the house. Never hemmed washed etc. Waist measures just under 17" across the top. $300 shipped
Looking to purchase my first pair of Aldens. Probably going to be the J Crew plain toe boot. Is there anything else similar that is readily available in a darker brown?
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