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I received my order from early June on Sept. 30th.
Yes, too narrow. Breast pocket looks too far to your left.
Lapel width looks strange for someone of your size as does the breast pocket.
Looks pretty solid. Is that the 8/9 oz. or 9/10 oz. Fresco?
Third suit -- Dugdale...
I wanted the 564 in the left color, but Phillip persuaded me to go with the 105 in VNA 078 because he said the 564 was too similar to my 574SP and that the 105 would look better since I'm tall/slender with small feet.
@Jsoftz and I will be there.
patrickBooth areAre you going to be at The Armoury for the trunk show this weekend?
I only own one pair, and it's VNA. However, I'm about to order my second pair on the 12th. I'll let you know in December/Jan., assuming I get crust or fun.
If I remember correctly from my visit to The Armoury, VNA is harder wearing than Crust, but Crust patinas more. I don't remember the attributes of FUN or SOF.
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