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With regards to the sky blue/silver: I have one but do not think it looks good if you have a high contrast type of complexion, e.g., Asian with fairly light skin.
I have that tie and only wear it in the fall/winter. Keep in mind that I live in TX though where it's extremely hot.
Chan, but do a fitting. http://www.wwchan.com/
What kind of fabric is this? It looks a little formal for patch pockets.
In the wild, as requested: The pants are Minnis Fresco 0520.
My first pair: Austerity Brogue in Antique Cognac
If only these were a size smaller ...
I compare to Vox and PhatGuido and am failing miserably.
I just ordered my first pair of Vass (Austerity Brogue in Antique Cognac) from NMWA and hope they fit.
I have two 3-fold before he switched to 4-fold.
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