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9-10 oz. Fresco drapes noticeably better than 8-9 oz. Fresco. I own suits in both weights and wear them frequently. I've never tried a Finmeresco but have heard very good things.
What do you think of the 8-9? I have one as well. I have a sport coat in the 9-10, a suit, and am getting another suit in the 9-10.
I'd get 9-10 oz. Fresco. It's amazing. However, I don't believe it's high-twist. The 8-9 oz. is high-twist though.
I think it's the fit and fabric.
Yes, I'm surrounded by other people in suits at work and believe it's pretty obvious to most people that my suits (WW Chan) are much nicer than the average.
I don't feel like Dugdale NFW is as wrinkle resistant as Minnis Fresco II 9-10 oz.. It also doesn't seem as durable. However, it does have a smoother finish.
In Austin, I think you only need to wear solid charcoal/navy for trials/hearings. Everything else seems to be fair game. The attorneys are atrociously dressed in this city.
I've worn charcoal Harris tweed with light grey flannel, and no one really blinked an eye.
Button stance is a little too high imho, and the quarters are too open. I don't like showing belt.
Sorry, didn't notice the linen part, lol. Linen may be too casual except for Fridays. Austin is casual, but I don't know if it's that casual.
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