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I was told at The Armoury that I should do a personal last because the normal last was too tight on the vamp for size 5.5F; I hope they're right.Do they do different sizing per foot for personal lasts? I think my right foot is bigger than my left one.
No, I'm not waiting for the next trunk show.
I'll be doing it this December.
Great! I'm doing a personal last because they have to rasp a 5.5F.
Are all of the models in the lookbook, or do they have more?
I'm not sure yet but am thinking about going with 574 model.
I'm ordering my first pair in December from The Armoury--can't wait.
We're doing a basted fitting on the second suit's pants in Dallas free of charge. I think he's going to try to fix the first pair (the pics in this thread) as well.
Pretty sweet P&H on the blog recently:http://wwchantailor.tumblr.com/
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