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More along the lines of not wanting to kill my pocketbook!
Yes, I'll probably stop at 5 suits and 2 sport coats/odd trousers, and then wait 5+ years before buying the next round. I think it's good to figure out what you like after an extended period.
Here's what I have so far: RAF Blue Fresco 3-pc SB (3 roll 2) 9-10 oz. Mid-Grey Fresco 3-pc SB (3 roll 2.5) 8-9 oz. Navy Dugdale 2-pc SB (3 roll 2.5) 9-10 oz. Navy Fresco Sport Coat SB (3 roll 2.5) 9-10 oz., smoked MoP buttons, 3-patch pockets, double stitched on the way: Charcoal Lesser 2-pc SB (1-button) 8-9 oz.
Can lapel width be changed on a completed jacket? What's fair compensation for .5" incorrect lapel width?
Sky Blue/Silver Fina Grenadine
English Flower Silk Tie #9
Black Grenadine Piccola
I don't own any diamond weaves but am planning to order some. PinkPanther has posted pics juxtaposing the two.
Macclesfield #145
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