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I just received my second pair: Mod. 104FC in VNA 078
I'd love to see the back.
I switched to the plain back because Patrick said that it would be cleaner. He altered the fishtail back on the Minnis 0520 (my first suit) by lowering it. If you look back at earlier posts in this thread, you'll see that it was originally higher. According to Patrick, my hollowed out small-of-the-back makes it difficult to have high waisted pants. He said that it would be ideal for me to wear my pants at my hips, but I don't like the way pants look on me when worn...
He lowered the fishtail on the Fresco suit and told me that high-rise trousers won't drape as well. The Lesser should have a lower rise than the Fresco.
I did a basted fitting on my first suit (Minnis Fresco 0520). It's shown here:http://www.styleforum.net/t/127218/show-us-your-chan/675#post_7230480The back looks perfect in the fitting but didn't come out that way in the final form.
I don't like wearing navy on navy personally and try to use a very high contrast tie in relation to my shirt/suit. Take this with a grain a salt though since I'm Asian with fairly light skin and black hair.
I believe I'm standing naturally.
Seeing Chan next week in Dallas. Here are some shots of my latest (4th suit): H. Lesser 8-9 oz. book 306 I'm really not too happy with the back. It's way worse than my first suit:
I was going to ask if lining helps with draping. I'm having some issues with the back of my Chan jackets and was wondering if the lining adds weight to improve drape.
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