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Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley Finally, a voice of reason! Thank you for pointing out the added convienence (and cost savings!!!) of not having to leave your home to purchase vital goods, while still getting all the benefits of dealing with real people! Quote: Originally Posted by CBDB e-commerce has made Amway irrelevant. Unfortunately is hasn't made Amwayers any less annoying More...
This practice of posting pictures of ones self seems like an odd but interesting hobby. Perhaps I will post a picture a tomorrow!!!!
I forgot to mention that I would also like to purchase some aligator shoes!!!! Shoe, I believe you are raging against mores that you don't fully understand. Please don't transfer this confusion into hatred for me. Everyone has to earn a living and find their place in this world!
Calling a dog a cat does not make it meow.
Quote: Originally Posted by Syl Isn't there a rule about MLM advertising? I do not feel as though I am advertising. I'm trying to clear up misconceptions that exist on this forum.
People here are rather cold, perhaps some money will soften you up!
Quote: Originally Posted by West24 i dont know why you guys are bugging this guy. hes clearly here to HELP you guys become better people.(by better i mean more rich, because rich=better). he seems genuine, and he does drive a yellow corvette. he even put a piece of paper on the car which says american way, just so you h8ers know its his. and you can tell a lot about him simply by the colour he chose. yellow means he has a high self-esteem, hes fun, hes...
Quote: Originally Posted by Xericx Congratulations on finding numbers that contradict mine. You clearly have a solid grasp of how to use google. That particular AMWAY filter is not even compatible with the model I listed. And with regards to the Brita filter, be my guest, buy a water filter that does a poor job of filtering water. Your putting your health at risk, not mine. (Did I mention that AMWAY offers world renowned health...
Quote: Originally Posted by speedster.8 Can i PLEASE call this SPAM Thanks No, you may not.
Quote: Originally Posted by Xericx You choose one product of your choice and explain the cost/benefit against similar products out there. Okay, I'll do a comparison with water filters. Model: Amway E-5199 Cost $420 Replacement Cartridge Cost & Capacity $120.00 / 1250 Gallon Per Gallon Cost of Use 9.6 center per Gallon Remove Chlorine Yes, 97.9% Remove Lead Yes, 98% Remove Cysts Yes, 99.5% Removes THMs Yes, 99% Removes...
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