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Heres some updated pics of my Sallys. Nothing really has changed, maybe some tiny honeycombing in the back of the knees.
I don't!!!!! But im sure some people here do!!!!!!!
Nice boots
Only on Tuesdays.
Quote: Originally Posted by cbrokaw Are these the James IV's you have on with your boots? The fit looks nothing like the picture on the Active Endeavors site... Do you mean the one I posted? Because those are Sallys.
Heres a better pic of my Sallys along with Costume National boots.
Quote: Originally Posted by chadler i don't like how the belt loops aren't folded then stitched. are all crate jeans like this? Yeah my Sallys are like this.
Here are those Sallys I said I would post today. Sorry about the blurryness. My only problem with them is that the top button hole is almost too small for the button, making it really hard to unbutton.
I just bought a pair of Crate Sallys from Active Endeavors (last pair of size 30 I think). I'll try to post pics next Wed., when they arrive. They were $116 with 25% coupon code 'thanks'.
So can I have the coupon code?
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