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Oh and yesterday Encre Noir
Today Acqua di Parma Colonia Assoluta
First of all, she shouldn't be so desperate to lose weight. After losing 80 lbs. in quite a short period of time, it is evident that her body will start losing wight much slower. The all carbs diet is BS. She needs to eat healthily. If she does not lnow how, she should go to a nutritionist and find out the most adequate diet. She should eat small amounts of food 5-6 times a day.
I used Zoom2 and it worked wonders
Horrid jacket...
Post a bigger pic...or at least more details
I have been trying to find ties in the following colors, but have been unlucky. I really don't care about the brand, I prefer them to be of high quality. I have tried samhober, hermés, ferragamo, etc. The colors are the following: 1.- Melon orange (light orange) 2.- Raspbery 3.- Mamey Do you know of any Internet sites where I can find ties of this color? Many thanks!
Look up Strada del Sole model 16
I use Weleda's Sage deodorant. It works, and smells excellent, but just for a minute or two, then the smell evaporates and you are left with the protection.
Quote: Originally Posted by delayedReaction Jack Black Lip Balm. It goes on heavier than Burt's Bees, so if you like your lip balm kind of, um, sheer, look elsewhere. I just don't like reapplying lip balm every hour. I use it too. It's minty and dries quickly.
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