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Yeah, I saw it on the Belstaff site. They were asking for 72,000. What a joke
Which brand do you personally like?
The Belstaff site. Do you have other recommendations??
To anyone who own a Belstaff leather jacket, are they worth buying? Or for the price (arround 2600 usd) would you suggest something else? cheers
For me, -10 is very cold. I don't know what to wear to protect myself from the cold, and I believe a leather jacket is not enough. Do you have other recommendations?
I recently moved and have to purchase a coat (or parka) for winter. The city I live in will get very cold (approximately -10°C). I am willing to spend up to $500.00 dollars. What would you recommend? Canada Goose, Fjalrraven or something else? Thank you very much!
Lalique Encre Noire
I have really sensitive skin and the routine I follow is the following: Two days a week exfoliate skin. Wash skin with a soap specifically for the face. Then use Kiehl's or Jack Black shaving cream. Shave carefully with extra hot water. Use an aftershave and then a moisturizing cream.
Oh and yesterday Encre Noir
Today Acqua di Parma Colonia Assoluta
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