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actually the ralph lauren pants that i had bought were not not slim fitting. The problem was they fit poorly... the side pockets flared out like ears and in general the pants kind of felt like they were cut for someone with a slighly different body shape. I just found them and tried them on again. I still dislike them, and their price tag. On the other hand, I did also just find a pair of martin and osa wool pants that need to be tailored (for length), but fit me...
Yeah but I don't understand it. Last time I made the same post, and I got all kinds of suggestions. MJK (already mentioned), Incotex (apparently I missed the big sale though), etc. I am not really a good shopper though so I tend to rely on the internet.
Ok... can anyone recommend a good second hand shop in the greater Philadelphia area? I am in the suburbs and the ones that are near me are absolute trash.
I am looking for a pair of pants that fits well. I asked this question about 8 months ago, and a lot of you recommend Michael J Krell for his fit, but he was fail so I am back again. Many pants make me look bad, since my upper body is not wider then my hips. APC jeans have so far been the only well fitted off the rack pants I have found, but now I need something that is business casual. I have spent a lot of money in the past on pants from places like...
Quote: Originally Posted by westcoastkidd quick question... I'm 5'10, 160 with a athletic build(larger than average thighs, but not fat)... My waist size is 31 inches around and my thighs are about 19-20 inches around... Based on my waist and what i've been reading I'm sure i would fit into a size 29 in the NS, but I'm worried about the thighs/butt area being a little too tight. Would they stretch alot in the thigh area or should i just go with the size...
Quote: Originally Posted by arsoisaen so my rescues were a 29 and too big at the waist. if i wanted to switch to a 29 NS would the waist have the same problem? would i need to get a 28? im a 32 true waist depends what kind of fit you want. I wear my pants a little low, so my "waist" is like a 34, and a 32 NS fit me. Also note that these pants stretch a fair amount. When I first got them they were brutally tight. After a month or so they...
i bought a pair of those jcrew officer chinos a few months back and they are baggy
oh i see this post now. Someone needs to delete this thread.
a quote from one of his pm's " I hope we have some ready to go by early march." (referring to spring pants) His website http://www.michaeljkrell.com/pants.htm Is it not surprising his spring line is almost a full month late? Is it normal for clothing retailers to shut their doors for weeks at a time? zomg so ridiculous to show a little concern.
seriously. Last i heard from him was a month ago in a pm telling me he was about to release his spring line. Now that stuff is almost a month late, and he hasn't responded to my more recent pm, I wonder if anyone knows what is up with him and his company. It's getting warm out and all I have is one pair of jeans!
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