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I actually introduced Rory to Josh Stein years ago in my home. Thought he might be able help Rory out. Too little too late, I guess.
Good grief. Read my post again. The styling might not have been exactly what I prefer, but it's what a lot of guys like, and in any case what I was really excited about was showing the craftsmanship inside a coat, whatever its cut. Ultimately, Poole's -- and Duffy's -- philosophy is that the cut needs to serve the client.
I have never maligned the quality of Rory's tailoring.
I suppose it's all a matter of taste, but I meant slightly stale by contemporary standards -- not old-fashioned, and certainly not obsolete. Duffy's preferred cut (like many older Poole samples I've seen) tended to have a relatively low two-button stance, slightly bellied lapels, moderately roped shoulders with a clean sleevehead, a clean chest, and trim high-waisted trousers -- all of which (by his own admission) suggested a slight Carnaby Street flair. To be fair, the...
Wrong. There are about nine yards of fabric in that thing.
In fairness to Duffy, the Golden Shears is not just a competition among apprentice cutters, but a test of having mastered the whole set of skills -- from design to cutting to actual coatmaking -- that go into qualifying someone as a master tailor (by one definition, at least). The distinction between practiced skill and raw talent is pretty much beside the point. There are always quite a few contestants, and winning is a big deal in that small world. Although its styling...
No mystery there. I'd been eager for some time to quit my job to pursue freelance work and care for our daughter, and the coat series was the perfect occasion to take the plunge. At the time, Duffy and I were working closely and constantly, often talking about future business opportunities, and it seemed entirely possible that our partnership might turn full time. In retrospect, this is really when it all started to go south. As I stated earlier, Duffy was very attached to...
Got it. My bad.
Deleting threads on SF is, so far as I know, not something that even the OP is allowed to do. Were it possible to even edit my old Rory Duffy threads, I would have done so long ago. As it is, I started this thread as a cautionary corrective to my earlier promotion of Duffy. It has brought me no pleasure to do so, if some satisfaction. If it please the powers that be at SF, I'd be happy to see all these Duffy-related threads disappear. That's not my call to make. [The...
Let me be very clear. Rory screwed ME, and that's what this thread was about. I have no reason to think he's ever delivered anything less than a perfect bespoke suit for anyone else, but since my name will be forever associated with his here on SF, I felt the need to add a pissy disclaimer to my previous hagiography of him.
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