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Yeppers. Agreed. But if you haven't read the books, Penguin Classics has republished all of them. Great airplane reading. I think the two Dalton movies were closer to the literary Bond. Word is that the new movie will be closer to the original Fleming work than any of the other movies. I think Fleming's writing style was good, but I slightly prefer Graham Greene. M8
Quote: Originally Posted by Augusto86 I don't care if they do gay cowboys, gay presidents, gay astronauts, or gay marines. What I do want is to keep one of the last icons of independent, heterosexual, MASCULINE, and STYLISH men intact. Bond is one of the few remaining snappy dressers in pop culture who hasn't gone metro. And I'd like to keep it that way. I agree. I am a Bond fan. In fact I have even been accused, right here on Style Forum (or...
Quote: Originally Posted by Augusto86 ...A gay bond would be the end, as far I'm concerned, of the franchise... It sure would. But then it would also get a politically correct academy award nomination, whether the movie was good or not. M8
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy I've decided that I'm just going to ignore your posts except for moderation purposes from now on. You're really not worth my attention. Uh, okay. Caught you not ignoring, eh? At least I never call anybody any names. Cheers, M8
Quote: Originally Posted by GreyFlannelMan ...You seem to know about many different subjects... We have to be careful these days. There's a lot of Google and Wikepedia scholars out there. M8
Here's another "pompous ass" comment, just for you LA Guy. "The single parent and the new prospective mate will discuss the issue of the child as if it were an inanimate object." Cheers, PA
Tom, KL is way cool. Not as wild as Bangkok, and not as tame as Singapore. Just the right mix of both. M8
You had a ball, they had a bat
Quote: Originally Posted by Arethusa If your metaphor were a person, his bones would shatter in a light breeze. Okay , but don't you find it ironic how the UK had the power to force China to legalize opium, and then when China rebelled the UK declared war, forced the legalization, and then took Hong Kong as a prize. Research Opium Wars 1 & 2. M8
It must be okay to legalize drugs. Just consider the British precedence to force narcotics legalization in China Maybe Colombia and Mexico should declare war and invade the US in order to force legalization, like the Brits did with China. Wadda ya think? Uh, I guess the invasion part has already happened M8
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