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i got a pair of naked and famous slim guy in natural revival indigo selvedge. i love it. i want a black pair now...anybody have recommendations on the best looking black slim guy offering?
ok, got my slim guy in natural indigo. i'm a 30-31 in sevens and diesels. So i got a size 29 in my slim guys. I can't even button them up! I can button the first, second, and very top button, but can NOT get the 3rd button to close. These are incredibly tight. Should I return them and get a size 30? Or should i just jump in the shower and see how much they can stretch out? Just asking because if they are going to stretch out, then i'll do that, otherwise...don't want to...
Just wondering if anybody knows where this shirt is from, or where I might be able to get something similar. Not sure if it is a tee or a sweater. Thanks!
Are naked and famous men's jeans sanfornized? or it depends on the wash? thanks!
Hi, I'm 5'7" with ~22 - ~24 inch thighs and around a 29 inch inseam (no stacking). I'm usually a 30-31, and bought http://www.revolveclothing.com/Displ...mous+Denim&d=d in 29 beause i heard i should size down 1-2. Anyways, I'm going to have to have them hemmed. I wasn't really planning on washing these at all, but if I ever do, does that mean i have to soak them before I wear them? Is there a specific process I should take to break in my nudies and get the most fading...
Hi, I'm trying to venture into raw denim. Looking online at neiman's collection. http://www.neimanmarcus.com/store/ca...&navid=viewall Going to buy my first pair. Will any of these N&F fade correctly? I am not sure if the denim is thick enough, and I'm not sure if twill will create the same look? http://www.neimanmarcus.com/store/ca...737cat26470736 I have enough jeans that if these don't fade/whisker/honeycomb, then i don't really need to buy these as I have many...
Can anybody recommend some slim fit bootcut jeans? Thanks!
Hi, I used to only wear bootcut jeans from Seven and other "designer" brands. However, I'm trying to go for a more tailored look, and recently discovered that Diesel has skinny bootcut jeans, which should fit me a little better/tighter. Can you guys recommend any brands aside from Diesel (Zatiny) that has skinny bootcut jeans? Thanks!
where can i find "first string" converse shoes? i've looked everywhere online...seems like they are sold out pretty quickly? some good stuff, but it doesn't look as if any of the good stuff can be bought from their website...
hi, where are people finding 20% off a single item coupons/discounts? or if there are any available codes, can somebody please PM me? Thanks!
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