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Quote: Originally Posted by Dj5h1fT I'm not even sure how long I've been wearing my Greys for. nice fit for the gray jeans. how tall are you? i have the WG's as well, but still figuring out which one to hold, and how much to hem.
i bought the ludlow blazer. fits quite nice. i have a question tho, do these blazers have shoulder pads? or are those not actually "shoulder pads". there is definitely material in the shoulder area, i'm not sure if it is for structure purpose, or what...but i'm kinda interested in taking it out...
Quote: Originally Posted by hobojones When you get em, could you let me know if there is a discernible difference? I picked up a pair of 44s not too long ago, but I've been somewhat feeling like they're too big for me. They fill out width wise really nicely though, it's just that I have ~half an inch of space at the toe. Wondering if I should size down next time. Isn't half an inch of space at the toe preferable?
what's the diff b/w this year's red wefts and last year's red wefts? i just bought a pair of the red wefts from i assume this season, not sure where the differences lie. Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by guest like both but wish they'd take out the green for the brown pair. i like these a lot. what are they? puma?
i'm working on a pair of naked and famous natural indigo slim guys, and wondering what's the consensus best "black" jeans to buy, most likely in the weird guy cut. on another note, do any of the collabs have a black dye? most of them seem indigo/blueish. thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini It's the cut. There's no amount of stretching that'll fix that problem, especially if you don't sag. I've had that same problem every time I've tried on a pair of N&F. thanks for answering. i think i'm going to take my naked and famous slim guys and do a cold soak on the top block this weekend. then i'm going to physically push at the groin area and see if that helps any. i've only had the jeans for...
no love for the grey pea coat? color looks pretty good, but the cut looks really boxy... any further coupons or discounts?
I’m working on my first pair of dry denim, naked and famous slimguys. The fit is good, tight in the upper box, and loosening up in the thighs. The one significant issue I have is that the crotch area is extremely tight. I don’t sag at all, so the jeans sit on my hips and the inseam is basically riding on my balls. It feels as if this cut/style has no crotch room for your balls. How do I go about stretching out the crotch area? Is this something I should try when soaking?...
so...how do i stretch out the croth area? any advice?
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