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Looking for these shoes. Price negotiable. Looking for Lanvin size 7 (should say 7 on the box and in the shoe). Used, no problem. Please let me know. Thanks!
Does anybody know why many brands jump two sizes between 34 36 38 40 (and then 41 42 43 44 etc.) for suits/blazers? I'm finding myself more and more often landing in between sizes.
they all dress very mediocre/horribly. i don't dress any better, but my stuff is semi-SF approved. i don't get the cologne thing. i would never wear cologne to work, and would hate it if anybody showed up to work wearing cologne. the strongest scent in the office should be the smell of a fresh shower.
Anybody have fit pics of the black sneakers (non-contrast)? Either in lows or highs?
Just a FYI. If you have any N&F jeans that are different weft/waft, and you plan on cuffing, i would recommend NOT warm/hot soaking the jeans. I bought the WG red weft jeans. Love them, but when I soaked them, the indigo soaked through and stained the red weft. The red weft, and specifically where I would cuff them, is now darkened due to the indigo. Still awesome, but something I didn't think about...
Yes, I have the navy as well, in a 36s. The color is great, and the fit is pretty good (a little tight). I'm not a huge fan of the shoulders though...sometimes they seem stiff, other times they seem fine.Anybody have any 30% off coupons?
well, either that or don't get it. they ran out of all the other sizes a long time ago. it's only half size large?
Just got these... feel a little queasy about dropping "rent" on some sneakers but they are just incredible. unfortunately, they don't fit! i'm usually anywhere from a 9.0 to a 10.0, so size 8 would be a 9.5 but it feels more like a 10.5. the lanvin high tops sole insert doesn't go from heel to toe. there is a cutout near the toe box, i wonder if that means you are supposed to buy the shoe larger than normal? regardless, i think i'm going to keep them! edit: fit pics,...
i have three hours in nyc and would like to do some shopping. where do you guys suggest? is fifth avenue my best bet for hitting multiple stores? anywhere in NYC that is a big special/different that i won't find in chicago? thanks!
looking for dark brown/burgundy boat shoes with brick/red soles. any suggestions? i'm currently wearing topman grey felt boat shoes with white soles. they are decently comfortable, and pretty "summer" looking.
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