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am i the only person who finds the belt loops annoying? why are the NF belt loops made so large? the only kinda belt that fits in those belt loops are wide belts, which i don't even like...such a small thing to complain about but there you go
Any raw denim that has electric blue fading? I see that flathead jeans will have some electric blue fading, anything else? and what is creating this color? the dye? the denim?
i have trouble stacking with any jeans that are "thick". naked and famous 12 oz slim guy, naked and famous 14 oz weird guy. Not sure if it is because there is too much material, so it weights the jeans strangely, or the material is so thick that it stacks weirdly until broken in, or because of my body shape...but just can't imagine it being so difficult or something to think about...
where can i learn about "stacking" jeans? i feel like this should be something really easy, but for some reason, i just can't do it right. i see all these pictures online of nice knee honeycombs and ankle stacks, but i just can't do it. FYI, maybe i just need to keep wearing my jeans, even though it has been around 2 months already.
has anybody tried ioffer? some of their sneaker prices seem a little ridiculous...a little too good to be true. thus, i didn't finish a full transaction prior to posting here.
what color/kind of shoes do most people wear with black jeans? seems like a lot of sneakers don't really match black jeans all that well. contrast is pretty.
i'm currently wearing naked and famous slim guys. which APC cut is most similar to that? which APC is most similar to the weird guy cut (but hopefully with LESS taper)? Thanks
Hi, I bought my first Lanvin. I really like them, but to some, they are too bold/bowling shoe like. Anyways, what kind of fit should i be wearing with these shoes? I was thinking some deepn indigo jeans and some blue/grey shirt that is more conservative. Does that sound right?
maybe, i don't doubt it. but i already lost a ton of indigo in my hot soak because i was agitating it a bit (whoops). I'm getting them hemmed today, and maybe i'll try a light wash on the bottom. Will report.
New Posts  All Forums: