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Can anybody do a quick PBJ vs. Momo for me? Momo has a really nice pair of indigo/black jeans that i'm looking to buy (indigo grand). looks like PBJ also has something similar. Not sure what the differences are, don't really care too much about the hidden gems, but more specifically fit. Thanks!
So all bball high's for this season are all in the gum sole? Did other season bball high's have different soles? Thanks
So, Are the Grand Indigo worth the price? These are some serious jeans, but I already have both a raw indigo, and a raw black that i have to fade. Not sure if this is blue or black.
Where can i find raw denim in chicago?
where can i find APC in chicago?
prob not...it's at least 100 bucks outside of my price range haha...
Can you link me to the fb post? I don't see any pictures of the grand. Very interested in those as well.Thanks
am i the only person who finds the belt loops annoying? why are the NF belt loops made so large? the only kinda belt that fits in those belt loops are wide belts, which i don't even like...such a small thing to complain about but there you go
Any raw denim that has electric blue fading? I see that flathead jeans will have some electric blue fading, anything else? and what is creating this color? the dye? the denim?
i have trouble stacking with any jeans that are "thick". naked and famous 12 oz slim guy, naked and famous 14 oz weird guy. Not sure if it is because there is too much material, so it weights the jeans strangely, or the material is so thick that it stacks weirdly until broken in, or because of my body shape...but just can't imagine it being so difficult or something to think about...
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