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any pictures of charcoal or dark grey and red brick soles?
these are nice. where did you get them?
any recommendations for high-quality simple/classic wool coats for the winter? 21" pit to pit 18" shoulder to shoulder 26" shoulder to cuff 29" shoulder to hem Measurements taken from a size medium. does anybody have the small sizing for this shirt? would be appreciated. Thanks!
Is the indigo/indigo a one time release? Or will it become like the other non collab releases? I already have 3 N&F, can't break anymore down if i wanted to
These look awesome. They fade that quickly?
any more pics of the indigo/indigo? jay, i know you guys currently do not have any slimguys for sale (read your post above), but is it possible for you to give us measurements similar to what you provide for WG and skinnyguy? That might help some of us decide if the slimguy fit is going to work. Thanks
Will squats make my legs skinnier and then more muscular? or will squats just start making my legs bigger than they are now.
For the heavier denim weights in the WG cut, how are people getting rid of the knee bulges? Am i supposed to pull on the jeans all the time? or they will settle after long enough?
They look fine from the side. but you have diaper ass. or pancake ass.
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