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Any reason why ferragamo is rarely, if ever, mentioned in any discussions on these boards? I have been quite fond of my ferragamo purchases, but am there something that i'm not aware of regarding the brand? i've always put it up there with the rest of the "big" italian labels (gucci, prada, etc.), but...what do i know, i'm still new! thanks
So...with all these nice clothes, how much is everybody spending on dry cleaning a month? That's why for work I like to stick to the basics (no dry clean, etc.). cuts down so I can look good in other settings.
who established the fact that outlet malls carry worse quality items? don't they carry sale items/items that didn't sell first, then "outlet" quality pieces?
Hi, Looking for a "decent" tailor in Chicago. My standard wear is brooks brother, H&M, and some other generic labels. I'm just looking for somebody capable, and decently cheap/value. The most I require is hemming of shirts and pants, as well as maybe some darts on shirts. nothing too special/fancy required. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by triniboy27 I have a very similar one from YSL Rive Gauche and it's purely a card holder. Mine held 4 cards while this one holds 3. You'd need a money clip for your bills - but that's in line with its purpose, i.e. to be a slim wallet. Quote: Originally Posted by rogerm If you really need pictures to see how this works I can post pictures of mine later. I think it's pretty obvious how it works....
Quote: Originally Posted by triniboy27 What information exactly are you looking for? more pictures pretty much...i have no idea how it works, how to use it, etc. (would be nice to know what the front looks like). sounds like it really is Just a card holder (many card holders still hold a bill or two).
Hi, GQ previously endorsed this Hermes product. I would like to make a purchase, however, I can't find ANYTHING about this Hermes wallet. I can't find photos, I can't find reviews. I do not live near any Hermes shops, so I have yet to call, but I was hoping anybody out there might either have additional pictures, or information. Thanks!
Nordstrom's annual sale is going on, and the only decent shoes I found were Gordon Rush dress shoes, and Cole Haan dress shoes. The Cole Haan's don't fit well, so I purchased the Gordon Rush shoes. How does the Gordon Rush brand compare to other brands? The leather felt nice, but I don't know too much about these things. I just know that at $195, they fell at the Cole Haan price point. Are there any other comparable brands at that price that are of higher...
how do these BOSS Black lightweight wool trousers compare? they are also around 120ish, but they do have a slimmer cut, and are business appropriate nordstrom's is having their annual sale, and there aren't too many dress pants on sale aside from these...
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