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Looking to sell mine. Absolutely brand new. Will sell out at discount. 32" to 34" I believe.
these are so ugly. i'm not sure where or when you could wear them and successfully pull them off. but if you're a hipster, i guess it will work =).
Guys, I'm in trouble. Been wearing my red weft jeans for over a year now. The inner thigh seams are now weak and getting ready to burst, and the first hole has appeared. It's cuz i have big thighs and there's a lot of thigh friction while walking. Now what do i do? Will soaking re-strenghten the material or is it time to look for a seamstress?
what's the status?
where can i find blazers with a significant roll? the reason i like the ludlow is because it has a very defined lapel roll. anywhere else? wouldn't mind trading up.
Ordered mine this weekend. How long should I expect to wait? Would love to have it before i start my summer travels...(i'm in the US)
What if i am short and stocky? Wide or narrow?
with a suit, many of these images just say "i am trying too hard". casually i think it works well though.
a lot of ambivalence for jcrew in this thread! if you compare jcrew to many of the other mall brands, jcrew definitely comes out on top. much more fashion forward than banana/gap, express, AX, etc. their price points are pretty high, but it is a convenient stomping ground for people who want to "look good" but don't have the time/information/inclination to do a little deeper shopping. that being said, i really like their ludlow blazers. they are very expensive, but...
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