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i thought there was a minimum age to post in these forums...
Red weft 1+ years no wash, pre-soak, not extremely heavy wearing, but at least 4-5x per week In the picture above, you can see red fading through the inner thighs. That's...awesome. What isn't awesome is how thin the material is now, and hence, why there are two holes developing. How do I go about fixing this? Just sew on an inner thigh patch?
looks like 38MM...seems awfully small?
how big are these? if a typical men's watch is 42MM, this is...?
post a pic...i'm pretty sure 6'3" with broad shoulders is likely too big for ludlow. it's going to be a bit disproportianate. i'm 5'7" and "wide" for my height and it's already overdone.
i still like ludlow blazer/suits a lot, because of all the "cheaper" brands, they have the most significant roll effect (which i like). i don't like it when the lapels are flush against the suit itself. however, i do think the ludlow lapel is too narrow, and could be at least 1/2 to 1 inch wider. any other similar roll effect with other suiting brands?
It's been awhile since I've done any research, but I think they were black and faded to indigo, while the weft strings were always red with a white core.But simply, yes, they used to be a decent black, and are now some mixture of black and blue.
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Looking to sell mine. Absolutely brand new. Will sell out at discount. 32" to 34" I believe.
these are so ugly. i'm not sure where or when you could wear them and successfully pull them off. but if you're a hipster, i guess it will work =).
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