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Looking for a wool, navy, topcoat/overcoat with a high/Asian collar. This is a good example of what I’m looking for, trying to see if there are any other alternatives available. Thanks!
I am working in a conservative business environment and am required to wear business formal everyday. However, no one really wears their jacket and I am looking to buy a few dark colored dress pants. Can you recommend a few brands that aren't cost exorbitant but are also very durable? I'll be wearing these almost everyday (in rotation). Thanks
nice. shirt looks really good and less contrasty/pajama then i would expect. post some more pics of it please!
where can i get any of the chambray pin dot shirts? those look amazing. and if there are none available anywhere, how do i get them to reconsider redoing this line? and lastly, if not, then who else makes something similar? thanks!
coupon / deal / sale website aggregator? is there a content aggregator similar to google reader but for coupon / deal / sale?
Where can i get this leather jacket?  
what fades faster, dark indigo, or broken twill selvedge? i don't want another pair that takes years to fade.
i need these! i can't find them anywhere. any links?
do you guys care about toe box creases? do you try to prevent them? or just whatever?
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