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Just to clarify, the more layers of Black Meltonian creme I apply the more the color comes off :\
I just shined and polished this pair of dress shoes for the first time (Bally Barao) and I seemed to have stripped the dark color off of it. I applied Meltonian Creme Polish and polish it like I've always done, and this is the first pair of shoes I've ever seen that this has happened.. The color has a duo-tone look to it and the tip of the shoe is lighter - so maybe the tan color is the base color? What am I doing wrong? Will using wax instead fix this issue, or should...
A suit jacket or the entire suit.
Quote: Originally Posted by Davidko19 I find that college buddies are the guys who you keep your relationships with the longest. I subscribe to the bros before hoes policy. I only see any of my friends that dont live in town once a year if Im lucky and thats usually on tight schedules and not for the best reasons (funerals?). Girls come and go man. Dont be such a puss, "woe is me, I havent been with her for more than 15 minutes!", "Waahh!!! I havent...
I have a Armani blazer made from wool and 2% spandex and I actually like the fabric a lot, but i agree, it's pretty shiny. It's been so hard to find a suit that fits me (i weigh 130) in the US that buying a suit on ebay might be an option without having to spend a fortune.
Anybody have experience with this brand? Fabric is labeled Super 150s and brand is "Yeonjin". Would this be a good purchase for the price? THanks JC
Thanks for the responses and bringing my attention to the shirt. I guess to find out if it allows me freedom of movement I would still need to try them out.
Hi all, I'm looking into purchase of a slimmer suit for a pianist, mainly for performing. I have not had the opportunity to try on the type of suit that I am looking for so I am unsure of how it feels. What is the amount of mobility one has when wearing something like this: I'm interested in range of movement in the upper arm/shoulder area when the arm is in front of you. I have a cotton blazer that is...
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